Before you read the poem, let’s learn what a metaphor is! A metaphor is a way to describe something. When you use a metaphor, you COMPARE one thing to another thing WITHOUT using “like” or “as.” For example, if you say my brother is a lion, you are using a metaphor.
Now, read the poem below. As you read, you will see that the lines with METAPHORS are UNDERLINED. The metaphors might not make a lot of sense right now, but they will soon! Click on the button below when you’re done reading the poem.
Now, click on the first underlined line to learn a little more about that metaphor!


Wind tickles my hair,
Flowers bloom all around me.
Birds are singers,
And I sing along loud and clear.

Clouds are cotton candies.
They have different shapes and sizes.
Oh, how I wish I could taste one,
And give my friends some!

The sun is a diamond.
I wish it would stay forever,
So I can see it at night and remember
Spring is finally here!